Bowen Special Mangoes fresh from North Queensland

Over the last decade associations, companies, canteens and colleges have turned to us in search of great mangoes at a reasonable price. Most of our customers buy our Bowen Special mangoes to give their suppliers, clients or employees a tray or two for Christmas, while others have just begun an end-of-year tradition in their office by joining together to buy the minimum order.

Our Goal

We aim to deliver a fresh, healthy, and delicious product at a competitive price. We guarantee that your Bowen Special mangoes will have a full aroma and exquisite flavour. To ensure the highest standard we hand-pick every single piece of fruit that you receive when it is fully mature.

We are mango specialists and can provide you with help, support and advice. Contact our representative from Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm on 07 4784 4026, or call the farmer directly on 0429 829 487.


Support Australian farmers ... Make an order and buy fresh mangoes directly from the farmer.
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