Corrick Plains Pty Ltd is a small, family-owned and family-run business that has been growing mangoes for over 20 years and farming for many generations. We strive to produce fruit of which we can be proud, and we only grow the tastiest variety – the Bowen Special Mango.


The Bowen Special Mango, from which the Kensington Pride developed rightly has the reputation as the best mango with its unique pleasant flavour and smooth flesh. When we sell directly to the end user we can leave the fruit on the tree to reach its full maturity before we have to pick it. Instead of being up to 3 weeks from picking you will get your mangoes within a week of harvest. We guarantee you will taste the difference!


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Your Mangoes are packed in single layer cardboard trays with approximately 7kg of fruit per tray. Depending on the size of the fruit there may be as few as 12 large mangoes or 23 small mangoes in each tray.


We deliver trays of fresh Bowen Special mangoes, picked and packed at full maturity, directly to your business, company or organisation. Delivery is free of charge to the metropolitan areas of Brisbane, Toowoomba, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast. There is a surcharge of $1 per tray to NSW and $2 per tray to Victoria as a result of the extra freight costs.


Our mango harvest typically occurs from early November to Christmas, with most deliveries in the two weeks prior to Christmas. Although weather can significantly alter the timing of the harvest we are usually able to send out our mangoes in that pre-Christmas period when everyone wants to be receiving mangoes.


On the day your mangoes are delivered, organise one or two people to help mark, move & stack your trays of mangoes.
A large number of trays can be stored ready for pick up, in a relatively small amount of space, as trays can be stacked on top of each other. This is because the mango trays are a reinforced design to ensure fruit is not damaged or crushed when stacked.
It is a good idea to store your mangoes in a shaded or air conditioned area while waiting to be picked up.

Mangoes should be stored at 20°c until they are ready to eat. They should then be placed in the refrigerator where they will keep for another 7 to 10 days.

If you don’t have time to eat them all, try freezing the pulp. It is great for using in smoothies, jams or desserts throughout the year.

Support Australian farmers ... Make an order and buy fresh mangoes directly from the farmer.
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